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  • Successful Shop Steps

An impressive PromoEshop requires foresight and careful groundwork.  The following suggestions will help lead the way, please check them out then touch base with us for the next step….

1.    Establish your objective and target audience.

Will your PromoEshop be required for brand and corporate identity protection?  Or is it necessary for resolving distribution or warehouse issues?  Determine who will have access to your PromoEshop; Customers? Dealers? Staff?  Our team will help you set up a system that fits.  We can also set up your store so different User Types can view different products and pricing.

2.    Select reasonable sales goals

Briefly summarize your existing procedure for the purchase and distribution of promotional materials.  Are there any untapped customer bases that could be reached?  What challenges might be encountered in persuading your shoppers to change their traditional buying methods?  Let us help you focus on the necessary goals so your new PromoEshop gets off to the right start.

3.    Assign attainable resources:  Time, Personnel and Budget

Endorse and support the managers of your PromoEshop.  A PromoEshop can succeed even with limited resources, let us show you how.

4.    Choose the correct product

Analyze purchasing patterns:  What do people want?  What do they buy – again and again?  Ask your target audience what they would like to see.

5.    Blow the trumpets!  Advertise! 

Your marketing strategy will determine the success of your store.  Our PromoEshop specialists can provide the tips and on-line techniques to ensure your PromoEshop is seen and used.

6.    Evaluate results and take action 

Don’t stagnate!  Improvement inevitably involves change.  Our professionals can provide the necessary tools and expertise to help you evaluate your PromoEshop’s performance to ensure it is heading toward the goals you have set.

7.    Aim for the top….

Simply put, PromoEshop can’t be beat as your option for getting your correct product into the correct hands.  Contact us today – you’ll appreciate how painless setting up a store can be with hands-on support from PromoEshop’s qualified representatives.