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  • Questions & Answers

Exploring PromoEshop:   Typical Questions

We have documented a number of frequently-asked questions regarding PromoEshop.  Please call us if you don’t find your answers here – one of our friendly customer service representatives will be glad to help.

1.    Why PromoEshop?

PromoEshop has been built specifically for the effective management of promotional products and print material.  It has many custom features that make it a truly unique and effective product.

2.    How are payments handled?  Is personal and credit card information private and secure? 

PromoEshop offers many types of payments including; PayPal, Checks, Payroll Deduction, Budget, Purchase Order, and more.

3.    How many products should I have on my store?

A well-run PromoEshop generally would carry 20-40 items, however you can have less or more.

4.    What facts and figures are available? 

PromoEshop offers live reporting including statistics on sales, inventory levels, etc.

5.    How is access to my PromoEshop controlled?

Each PromoEshop is distinctive and is created to fulfill your particular organization’s requirements.  Access can be protected by password, limited to authorized staff only, or it can be extended to anyone with a valid credit card and internet access.

6.    What revenue will be generated by my PromoEshop? 

That decision is ultimately yours….whether it be to provide the lowest sale prices, or to realize an income, or perhaps to allocate a percentage of sales to charity, etc.  PromoEshop will help you reach your chosen goal.